Vision, Mission & Values

Positive Futures for all ABI-affected People.

Forward Momentum to Live our Best Lives.

Connect & Empower People Living with an ABI.

Self-Directed Recovery.

Moving beyond an Acquired Brain Injury towards the Renewed Sense of Self.    

Actively participating, developing better coping strategies and regaining lost skills.   

Connect & Empower People Living with an ABI.

Moving beyond an Acquired Brain Injury.   

Self-Directed Recovery & Renewed Sense of Self.

  • Person-centred compassion and active responses to individual needs.
  • Empower and energise ABI-impacted people for self care – guided to look at life differently and achieve renewed direction and opportunities. 
  • Understand the unique nature of the injury/ impact upon you, and your loved ones.
  • Connect through lived experience and real-life transformational success.
  • Celebrate a person’s own unique journey.   Everyone in our ABI world respected and valued.
  • Always patient as you persevere through the challenges.
  • Offer supportive environments to encourage Acceptance and Hope; Transition back to being independent in most aspects of life.
  • An inclusive, safe, supportive place for all.  Connect with you in meaningful ways.
  • Cultivate positive mindsets of Priorities, Positivity, and Independence.
  • Support your access to channels, appropriate resources, and information.

Person-centred compassion, care. Active responses to Member and Carer needs

Connected in meaningful ways: offering support, hope and healing.

Understanding the nature of impact on our Members and their loved ones.

Celebrating People’s own Unique Journey. Encourage Hopefulness and Transitioning back

Be Energised, Empowered and Independent, in most aspects of life.

Inclusive, safe and supportive place for all.

Everyone in our ABI community respected and valued