Sharing Health and Outlook Experiences, Learnings, Stories & Successes of coming back from ABI.

Community-run, collaborative centre promoting self-advocacy,
personal connections, social support and ABI information,
education and re-training.

Empowered Recovery.

Thriving from Healing, Hope and Social Connection.

Volunteer Organisation with Lived Experience of ABI.

Peer-led Support, Guidance, Connections and Key Resources.


Western Australian community organisation.

Helpful and healing group of passionate Volunteers guiding Beyond ABI Members, families, and carers to feel heard, supported and connected.

Our Role

Services and Peer-to-Peer Support to the ABI Community

Guide, Empower ABI-impacted Individuals.

  • Engagement & Education for Members (and their Carers.)
  • Channel for advice, knowledgeable support, and information – supporting people who find themselves impacted by brain injury.
  • Trusted advisory and access to key Resources, Information sheets, and latest content.  Personal Introductions if/ where required.
  • Raise Awareness of ABI in Western Australia.

Helping Members, Families & Carers get to the Right Places

Act as a conduit to other critical services, allied health and in-home supports.

  • Recovery Re-training, Connection & Support/s for Members.
  • Links to key partner groups and resources from SHIU WA, Synapse, Stroke Foundation, Epilepsy WA and more.
  • One-stop access to Research;  websites from UWA, ECU, Curtin University, and more.

Shining a light on ABI-impacted and their successes.

Showing you off to the World.
  • Hope through Stories.
  • BeyondABI’s online site and socials are sharing creativity, stories and successes about Life beyond ABI…

Encourage Corporate Donations, Volunteering & Giving Back.

Garnering Support (financial donations, time, energy, skills, or voice) for/from Beyond ABI's
wider community.
  • Actively involved to Fundraise, Run Events, or Volunteer Drives – all of these enhance our ability to help others. 

Services and Peer-to-Peer Support to the ABI Community

Guide, empower ABI-impacted Individuals

Be a trusted channel for advice, knowledgeable support and information, for anyone finding themselves impacted by brain injury.

Foster Engagement and Education for our Members (and their Carers.)
Raise Awareness of ABI in Western Australia.

Help Members, Families & Carers get to the Right Places

Act as conduit to other critical services, allied health and in-home support

Ongoing Training, Connection and Support/s for Members.

Trusted Advisory and Access to key Resources, Information, latest content and Introductions, where required.

Shine a light on ABI-impacted and their Successes.

Show you off to the world

Using our BeyondABI online site/ socials to share stories/ creativity about life beyond ABI….)

Encourage Corporate Donations and Volunteering

Garner financial support for our organisation to build our Community

Active involvement in Fundraising, Events & Volunteer Drives, enhances our ability to help others

Our Mission is to continue to improve the life outcomes of brain-injured people.

Supporting members with a brain injury (and their wider circle of carers, loved ones, relatives and workplaces) to explore, understand and look ahead confidently, and explore new opportunities. 

As Volunteers, with lived experience of ABI ourselves, we are in a unique position to give Members more of the style of support they need for self-direction and forward momentum. Specifically through social connection and sharing of experiences, which can help you to reimagine life now, and move on to achieve a renewed sense of self.


Member Services

  • Meaningful stories of recovery, creativity and the lived experience; 
  • Links to trusted resources and relevant service providers;
  • Social support and direction most relevant to your own specific individual need/s;
  • Recovery training (online or in-person); and
  • Latest Info on topics affecting everyday lives of Western Australians with brain injury.

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